Why Choose DataPortal™
for Your Data Sharing Needs

Today, the need for easy access to raw government (and private sector) data is more prominent than ever. The surge in demand for this type of data started back in 2009 when President Obama proposed the $825 million dollar stimulus package. Public interest groups and educators demanded that the data be made available in an easy to access format conducive to user-generated mashups and remixes.

If you are interested in learning more about the initial demand, you can read the full article here. We have extracted some of the thoughts shared by experts on this very important topic of data sharing in order to demonstrate why DataPortal™ is an essential tool for government agencies and private companies alike.

John Wonderlich, Policy Director at the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation:

“Search is great, if you are looking to find information about any one thing. But original analysis and visualization require access to data in bulk. If the goal of putting the data online is to increase accountability and transparency then it is necessary (to) provide bulk data access.”

David Robinson, the associate director of the Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy:

“No one person or organization could possibly anticipate all the ways that Americans will want to analyze, reuse, or cross-reference the information that Recovery.gov will offer And no one person or organization needs to do so, as long as the data itself is readily available.”

Jim Harper, Director of Information Policy Studies at the Cato Institute:

“The entire back-end database should be made available.”

DataPortal™ not only provides access to raw data and databases quickly and easily over the web, DataPortal™ is the preferred choice for data sharing among government agencies.

(quotes from “Activists call for a mashup-friendly Recovery.gov” from CNET)