DataPortal™ Demonstration

In this desktop demonstration, a user transfers data from a DataPortal™ server to the user’s database of choice, at which point, it resides within the user’s business system, and is ready for immediate processing.

The user does not need any knowledge of the DataPortal™ published datasource, only a Java-enabled Web browser and access, with appropriate permissions, to the user’s database of choice.

The user session consists of:

  • Entering a URL into the Web browser
  • Selecting the source database
  • Entering the information about the destination database including database type, host location, user name, password and name of the new database to be created.
  • The user clicks on the “Transfer” button and the transfer proceeds – progress is shown in the status area, where 13 tables are transferred and populated successfully.
  • A third party database utility is used to examine the newly created database.

DataPortal™ the Database Tool for Data Sharing

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Data Portal Demo