Administering a DataPortal™ Server

A DataPortal™ Server is used to publish DataPortal™ DataSources so they are available for data transfers to DataPortal™ clients. A DataPortal™ Server can be configured, managed and monitored by an authorized administrator using a Web interface. Once a DataPortal™ Server has been started (** see the installation and startup information **), the administration area of the server may be accessed by pointing a standard Web browser to:

(where DPhost:port is the DataPortal™ server host machine and port value, respectively)

To gain access to the DataPortal™ Server Administration area, an authorized administrator needs a valid administrative user name password pair.

Administrative User Names and Passwords

A default administrative user name password pair is available upon installation of a DataPortal™ Server. The values will be supplied as part of the original installation information. It is strongly recommended that the original user name and password be changed immediately. The original user name password values can be used for an initial log in to the DataPortal™ Administration area. The log in form will be presented the first time access to the Administration area is attempted (see Figure 1).

DataPortal Admin Login

Figure 1) Administration log in form.

Once log in is successful and access to the Administration Area has been granted, a list of Administration areas is presented (see Figure 2).

DataPortal Server Manager

Figure 2) Administrative areas.

Select the “Manage Admin. User Names and Passwords” link.  The “Administration Users and Passwords” page should appear (see Figure 3).

DataPortal Server Admin User Password

Figure 3) Administration Users and Passwords

The text area for entering user names and passwords should be blank, initially. Administration user name, password pairs may be entered, one per line, user name first separated from the password with “|”. Once all pairs have been entered, the “APPLY” button may be selected to commit the changes, which take effect immediately. The values may be changed, at any time, by repeating this process and editing, removing or adding pairs.

Once one or more admin. name, password pairs have been entered, the original, default pair will no longer be active.  If  all user name, password pairs are removed, the system will revert to the original, default pair.