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Database Sharing in the Cloud

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With DataPortal™ Business Data Sharing Software, business data can be shared with hundreds of partners within minutes, with “Point­-and­-Click” ease. DataPortal™ utilizes Cloud Technology to share databases seamlessly over the web.

  • No development
  • Works across database vendors
  • Minimal setup and configuration (no cost, no manual installation for client)
  • SSL encryption
  • No firewall modification
  • No unnecessary conversion (e.g. XML)

Transfer business data in database form over the Web

  • Data delivered to user’s preferred database system
  • Ready for immediate processing using existing infrastructure

DataPortal™ is a potential solution any time database data needs to be shared.

Business Data Sharing Examples:

  • EDI: Agile enhancement for or alternative to legacy EDI, minimizing burden on new partners e.g. suppliers, customers
  • Dynamic Sales Data Delivery: Delivery of dynamic sales data to databases in the field (e.g., MS Access/Excel).
  • Mergers, Re­Organizations: Businesses sharing data with new companies, departments, partners, suppliers, etc..
  • Automation of Business Processes: Companies automating end-­to-­end business processes
    (supply chain management, sales, billing, orders, inventory).
  • Financial Data Exchange: Companies exchanging financial data (transactions, account information, etc.)
  • Database Migration or Standardization: e.g. data backup to single database
  • Technical Data Package Sharing: disseminating technical sets of data, including specs., test data, drawings, and design modifications to contractors